Dr z cure review

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dr z cure review

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Dr. Z Z-Lux Review

Marie Scarborough St. Add to Wish List. SKU: Add to Cart. Pick Up in Store. Z Amps back to its roots. It is designed using the highest grade components, totally hand-built, and available at a very reasonable price.

At the heart and soul of the CURE is a vintage-voiced output transformer hand-wound by Triad Magnetics, the company responsible for the transformers in the classic "tweed" amps of the s.

It is housed in a compact, light-weight, yet resonant Studio cab with a specially designed Eminence Z12 speaker as featured in the Z-LUX combo for maximum portability. Set your volume and master for desired clean or distortion then set the overall loudness with the Level control. A great grab-n-go package that will please even the most discerning tone aficionado, the CURE is as easy on the wallet as it is on your ears. Add Review.This contemporary watt combo also available as a head may be rooted in the past, but it brings a wider range of capabilities to the stage or studio than most classic tweed-style amps—not the least being considerably more clean volume.

Z amps with new twists. The tremolo controls offer generously wide sweeps: Speed takes you from a languorous crawl to trippy rapidity, while depth is adjustable from hardly noticeable to maximum throb.

The gorgeous reverb sound is rich and clear, with more than enough splash factor for most purposes, though it stops a few drops short of Dick Dale-grade saturation when cranked. The only concern I encountered is that both effects can get a little noisy, particularly when turned up. This poses more of a problem when recording than performing live, but bears mentioning. Pros: Solidly built yet relatively lightweight. Classic 1x12 sounds and more with lots of power. Plays well with effects. Cons: Great-sounding reverb could make more waves.

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Reverb and tremolo are somewhat noisy. Footswitches pop occasionally. Ease of Use:. Cool Sounds All Around The beautifully voiced treble, mid, and bass controls arranged in that order, from left to right provide an unusually broad range of tone-sculpting options, and all of the sounds within that range are wholly useable—even extreme settings. For example, rolling the mid control all the way back and maxing out the bass and treble controls resulted in great rhythm tones, especially with single-coils.

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Conversely, maxing out the mid control and rolling back the bass and treble controls, when combined with the neck pickup on my Les Paul, yielded an edgy—but not too edgy—tone that fit perfectly into a busy mix with a narrow opening in the midrange. Z Train to Trad Town Needless to say, traditional tones abound. Verdict The Dr.

dr z cure review

Z Z-Lux delivers just about everything you could want in an amp of its type—in a compact package, at a reasonable price. It is loud enough to play small rooms with the power switch set to full, quiet enough for home and studio use with it set to half, and the tone remains consistent when you switch between them. The good doctor has once again delivered a winner. Watch the Review Demo:. Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players. Z Z-Lux Review. Ratings Pros: Solidly built yet relatively lightweight.

More videos from Premier Guitar.Z Amps back to its roots. Built on our 30 year foundation of delivering excellent, professional-grade amplifiers, it is designed using the highest grade components, totally hand-built, and available at a very reasonable price.

Set your volume and master for desired clean or distortion then set the overall loudness with the Level control. I have also included our Variable Boost footswitch for additional gain to take your lead playing over the top. Click here to read the stellar review. From the bedroom to the studio to the stage it gets the job done.

It may be small but just like Bruce Lee it packs a mean punch! Sweet tube tone in a grab and go amp, play anywhere at your own volume. History in the making! The cleans shimmer like a Blackface.

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I use my Van Amps Soulmate Reverb in front of the amp set clean and get bell like chime all day long. And it sounds killer. A great amp, period. Great size, incredibly usable EQ, the perfect speaker paring, great boost and great level control make it work in any situation with any guitar. Matt's Music - Dr. Z Cure amp Demo - Chris Bryant. Randy F. Rhythmark Z-Talk Forum Member. Eric Ambel. You can get great tone AND at reasonable levels — two things that were contradictory before the arrival of the Cure.

Jonathan M. Adam M. Mike G. Disclaimer: while the information contained on this page is correct at the time of publication, due to our policy of constant improvement and development, Dr.Dr Z is arguably one of the top boutique amp builders in the USA and have developed a level of renown over the last few years.

Their new The Cure valve combo amp looks like it could be just what the doctor ordered, attempting to give you the hallmark Dr Z sound but in a no-frills format for those on a budget. This new amp comes in at a lower price.

Dr Z says he has scaled back all the custom options that would normally make their amps more expensive. So it only comes in black, with no fancy coloured Tolex options here. This should make it easy to use.

Like the Ford Model T, it only comes in black! The rear panel sports an effects loop and a speaker out for running the signal to a larger cabinet. They include their Variable Boost footswitch for additional gain. Dr Z Cure rear panel with effects loop and EQ bypass. Okay, it is simple, but I think that is probably what really attracts me to this. Simple amps are often the most fun to play through. Every single Dr Z amp I have ever played through has made me grin like an idiot when I cranked it up, so I have high hopes for this new one.

If you get the chance to try one out, let me know what you think. Dr Z Amps Cure — product page. Your email address will not be published. For a better experience on Gearnews, we recommend JavaScript to be enabled. Approximate reading time: 2 Minutes. Carr Amps Telstar combo amplifier: 17 Watts of organic boutique vintage tone.

Mesa Boogie debuts the Fillmorea Watt combo or head with matching cab. Enter the Jetta, the most affordable Dr Z boutique amp to date. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you continue surfing the site, you agree to the use of cookies.We joined the Nordic Visitor tour party on the 25rd July following two days in Reykjavik on our own. Nordic Visitor arranged for a taxi (with welcome pack and documents) to pick us up from the airport on Thursday and on to our pre tour accommodation, we then made our way to the tour hotel on the Saturday evening.

Our guide Porsteinn (Steine) met us at the welcome meeting and told us our agenda. Sunday morning the tour set off at 9am the starting time for everyday. The tour went round the whole island (around 2000km covered) visiting all the major sites that can be reached from the N1 ring road. We were of the 'comfort' level of accommodation and all the hotels and guesthouses were of at least 3 star quality with large clean rooms and en-suite facilities. Some had fabulous views as well. The guide constantly fed us information of the sites we visited in an informal but informative way with a few Icelandic folk stories and jokes thrown in.

The transport was a mini bus taking 16 of us comfortably from site to site with various comfort stops on the way.

dr z cure review

There is a little walking to be done for example up to Dettifoss that cannot be avoided but all the walks were really strolls and nothing over taxing. The evening meals that were provided as part of the package were either in the accommodation or at local restaurants and were of a very high quality.

There are optional extra's such as Whale Watching and the Thermal baths which although we pre booked could be booked on the tour. Transfer back to the airport was provided. In summary this was a very well organised tour both before leaving home and whilst there. The program is varied and interesting, capturing all the major attractions.

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Would highly recommend the tour to anyone wanting to see the main sites but not do all the legwork of a self drive. A friend and I (who live in Australia and UK respectively) were keen to do a self drive tour of Iceland as we could have autonomy and flexibility and avoid the tour bus hordes.

We found Nordic Visitor through Google and I'm so glad we did. We chose the 10 day Full Circle tour - which comes with a rental car, pre booked accommodation, detailed road map, local mobile phone, GPS and many suggestions for destinations and activities.

We opted for a 4x4 vehicle (highly recommended as there is a fair amount of off-roading) and budget accommodation which was pretty much guesthouses. That's part of the deal anywhere really. There is so much to say about the trip itself so feel free to send a message if you want more info. Nearly all the arrangements went without a hitch and what didn't go smoothly wasn't due to Nordic Visitor getting it wrong and indeed didn't ruin the trip at all (eg the guesthouse in Reykjavik wasn't aware of my travelling companion's very early arrival and were not prepared).

My only negative comment is some of the worthwhile sights might not be on their recommended itinerary so do a little research of your own. Also a bit more time (a day perhaps) in the north east of the country would have been ideal.Adding black foam board to the sides, just outside of the photo behind the product will create a dark edge on the white product. Combine a white bounce card on the front and black bounce cards behind the product for a more sophisticated lighting setup.

Dr. Z Cure 15-Watt 1x12" Studio Guitar Combo

You can buy foam board on Amazon or at local drug store. Keep in mind, this is just a white card, so you might be able to just balance a sheet of white printer paper or use a piece of poster board as well. Depending on the table you end up with, you can use tape or clamps to secure down your board so that it sweeps properly.

Dr. Z Cure Vs. Maz 8 comparison with Fender Stratocaster

Being closer to the window will create a softer light with darker softer shadows. Being further away will give a more even light but with sharper lighter shadows. Place your table as close to the window as possible without intersecting the shadow from the windowsill.

The closer you are to the window and the larger the window, the softer the light will be. You can try rotating the set so the window is at 45 degrees to the set, or try it with the window straight onto the set for a different style of lighting. Food photography is often shot with a window behind the setup and the camera shooting into the window for a more dramatic setup. Another variation is setting up in a garage with the door open, it will have the same qualities of light as a window, just without the glass.

You do not want direct sunlight hitting your set. Direct sunlight is harsh and looks bad on most people and products. There are a lot of ways to do this, but the ultimate goal is to have your mat board sweep from being flat on your table to being vertical.

You may need to roll up the board to help it reach that shape. In my set-up, we placed the table against the wall and taped the sweep to the wall and the table. Some bricks or a wooden block would work well. Place your product in the center on the flat part of the sweep and leave enough room to sneak your white reflector card in later.

Set it to raw if you have it. This file is the largest file the camera can shoot, and utilizes the full bitdepth of the camera. In my canon there are 2 settings to look out for:Set your ISO to 100: The ISO controls the sensitivity of the sensor.Thus, those statistics do not reveal or even take into account any possible interactions between grouping variables in the design.

For example, there could be differences between the influence of one independent variable on the dependent variable at different levels of another independent variable (e.

You can explore such effects by examining breakdowns "visually," using different orders of independent variables, but the magnitude or significance of such effects cannot be estimated by the breakdown statistics.

Post-Hoc Comparisons of Means. Usually, after obtaining a statistically significant F test from the ANOVA, one wants to know which of the means contributed to the effect (i. One could of course perform a series of simple t-tests to compare all possible pairs of means. However, such a procedure would capitalize on chance.

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This means that the reported probability levels would actually overestimate the statistical significance of mean differences. Without going into too much detail, suppose you took 20 samples of 10 random numbers each, and computed 20 means.

dr z cure review

Then, take the group (sample) with the highest mean and compare it with that of the lowest mean. The t-test for independent samples will test whether or not those two means are significantly different from each other, provided they were the only two samples taken.

Post-hoc comparison techniques on the other hand specifically take into account the fact that more than two samples were taken. Technically, it determines a linear combination of the dependent variables that best predicts the group membership. Another related type of analysis that cannot be directly performed with breakdowns is comparisons of frequencies of cases (n's) between groups. Specifically, often the n's in individual cells are not equal because the assignment of subjects to those groups typically results not from an experimenter's manipulation, but from subjects' pre-existing dispositions.

If, in spite of the random selection of the entire sample, the n's are unequal, then it may suggest that the independent variables are related. For example, crosstabulating levels of independent variables Age and Education most likely would not create groups of equal n, because education is distributed differently in different age groups.

If you are interested in such comparisons, you can explore specific frequencies in the breakdowns tables, trying different orders of independent variables.

However, in order to subject such differences to statistical tests, you should use crosstabulations and frequency tables, Log-Linear Analysis, or Correspondence Analysis (for more advanced analyses on multi-way frequency tables). Graphs can often identify effects (both expected and unexpected) in the data more quickly and sometimes "better" than any other data analysis method. Categorized graphs allow you to plot the means, distributions, correlations, etc.

The graph below shows a categorized histogram which enables you to quickly evaluate and visualize the shape of the data for each group (group1-female, group2-female, etc.

First Look: Dr. Z Nova

The categorized scatterplot (in the graph below) shows the differences between patterns of correlations between dependent variables across the groups. Additionally, if the software has a brushing facility which supports animated brushing, you can select (i. Frequency or one-way tables represent the simplest method for analyzing categorical (nominal) data (refer to Elementary Concepts). They are often used as one of the exploratory procedures to review how different categories of values are distributed in the sample.

In practically every research project, a first "look" at the data usually includes frequency tables. For example, in survey research, frequency tables can show the number of males and females who participated in the survey, the number of respondents from particular ethnic and racial backgrounds, and so on.

Responses on some labeled attitude measurement scales (e.


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